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Who can't do microblading?

January 11, 2018 - 11:45 am

Microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that creates hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows. The practice aims to give you an effortless full brow ― no need for brow pencils or gels. Of course, this sounds great in theory. But it is a major investment and if you’re going to get a tattoo, especially one on your face, you need to do your research!

Once of the most common questions we are asked is “Can I get microblading?” Everyone is a candidate! However, there are a few contraindications that may require a doctor's note in order to perform the treatment. A couple examples of conditions where a doctor's note would be needed are cancer, hemophilia, hepatitis, and diabetes. Also, we would not perform the service if you are pregnant or nursing.

In addition, Oily skin requires special skin care and special considerations when microblading. Very oily skin types are the most difficult skin type to work with. They’re at risk of rejecting the pigment, and more concerning, they are prone to pigment hydration, which is where the pigment fans into each other, the strokes sort of blend and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like distinct strokes. Nevertheless, it’s entirely possible to get microblading done when you have oily skin — it’s just all in the technique. Because of the tendency for the strokes to spread a little bit, the artist will choose not put as many strokes, or put them as closely together, throughout the brow.

Another thing to consider is that whereas microblading typically lasts two to three years, with oily skinthat time can get cut to about a year. Of course, this also depends on how the person takes care of their brows after. People with oily skin tend to use products to help with the oiliness, like acids or retinols, and if they’re not careful and avoiding the eyebrow area, they could be putting these products on the brow, which will also make them not last as long. That's why if you have oily skin, you might need more touchups.

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