Men’s Services

Men's Spa Services

Call it what you want. Manscaping. Male grooming. Mantenance. Spa services for men are increasingly becoming a staple in salons and spas around the globe. You can do it yourself, but let’s face it: would you really want to? Unslightly red bumps, razor burns and ingrown hairs are not fun. That’s where we come in. Blink Beauty Parlour is thrilled to announce that it is Coquitlam’s first salon to offer specialized men’s services.

Facial Grooming

Brows Neat & Tidy
(removes all unwanted hair
around brows)
The Divider (unibrow-free zone) $8.00
Lash Life
(intensies lash colour w/tint)
Just Browsing
(intensies the brows w/tint)
Cheeks/Sideburns $10.00
Forehead/Neck $12.00

Body Grooming

Lower Back (mid-back to waist line) $27.00
Upper Back (neckline to mid-back) $27.00
Full Back Combo $50.00
Upper Chest (on and around upper torso) $25.00
Stomach Strip (3″ above belly button to
pant line)
Full Chest Combo (pecs to pant line) $50.00
Half Arm (upper arm or lower arm
incl hands & ngers)
Full Arm Combo (shoulders to ngers) $38.00
Hands & Fingers $12.00
Underarm $18.00
Lower Leg (knees to feet/toes) $35.00
Upper Leg (hip to knees) $38.00
Full Leg Combo (hips to feet/toes) $65.00

Below the Belt Grooming

The Manzilian (removes all hair incl
b/w the cheeks)
The Speedo
(top, sides & b/w the cheeks)

Hands and Feet Grooming

Sport Manicure 30mins $25.00
Sport Pedicure 45mins $40.00
Sport Mani & Pedi Combo $65.00

Men’s Spa

Sport Facial 101
(cleanse, exfoliation, mask & moisture infusion w/light massage, excludes extractions)
60 mins.
Ultimate Cleanse
(aromatherapy back massage, microdermabrasion and custom face mask – includes
lip and eye treatment)
90 mins.