Hybrid & 3D Russian Volume

3D Volume Lashes

The latest technology of the ever-evolving eyelash extension industry has hit the tri-cities: the 3D Russian Volume extension! This new technique from Russia uses very fine and light eyelash extensions. This allows our lash techs to apply more lash extensions per eyelash which creates a 3D, fuller, fluttery effect on your lashes. Because of this very detailed process, it takes longer than other services. Our lash technician has completed Advanced Training with 3D Beauty International, Inc., the pioneer in volume eyelash extension technique.

Click here to read the preparation and aftercare to get the best results when you get a 3D Russian Volume Extension Set at Blink!

Hybrid Luxe
• hybrid classic & volume lashes
• lasts from 3-4 weeks

Hybrid Fill
• original set from Blink
• hybrid classic & volume lashes
• must be within 3 weeks

Volume Luxe
• 3D+ Russian Volume lashes
• lasts up to 4 weeks

Volume Fill
• original set from Blink
• 3D volume lashes
• must be within 3 weeks