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Proper Lighting for Lash Extension Application

April 6, 2017 - 1:52 pm

Proper lighting makes all work tasks easier. Appropriate lighting, without glare or shadows, can reduce eye fatigue and headaches in the part of the lash technician, especially in the rainy city of Vancouver.

What are different sources of light?

1. Daylight: Daylight is the most desirable since it does not cause glare or make the work area too bright. Daylight in the workplace can be controlled with tinted glasses, window blinds, curtains, and/or awnings.

2. Electric Lighting: The amount of light, the colour of the light itself and the colour that objects appear vary with the type of electric lighting.

The ideal lighting for eyelash extension application is one that helps to eliminate shadows and improve depth perception. Professional lash technicians also use like to use adjustable lighting heads that they can maneuver into the perfect position.

A brand that is recommended by many lash technicians is Glamcor, which develops equipment and accessories specifically for the beauty industry. Glamcor helps reduce the strain on the eyes and allows lash techs to see clearly especially when working with fine lashes. Each lamp is easy to assemble and also comes with an accompanying carry bag, so it is easy to transport. That's another reason why it is ideal for both salon-based and mobile lash artists.

Many professional lash technicians also use a magnifying lamp or magnifying glasses since a single eyelash hair is very small, and hard to view by the naked eye (without some type of magnification).

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