Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery Vancouver

Eyebrow Embroidery or Microblading

March 1, 2018 - 3:47 pm
We've been getting a lot of inquiries about eyebrow embroidery and how it is different from microblading. The short answer is that they're two different terms for the same thing. As mentioned in a previous post, the umbrella term "semi-permanent makeup" is a type of cosmetic tattooing and the services specifically done to emulate eyebrows are called microblading or 3D eyebrow embroidery. The former being more popular in Europe and North America, like here in Vancouver. On the other hand, 3D eyebrow embroidery is a bit more popular term in Asia, especially for Filipinos, and Australia. Other terms used are feathering, feather touch, and microstroking.

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